Working German Shepherds for Sport, Police, & Family Security

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What is Schutzhund?

Schutzhund was originally started with the German Shepherd dog in Germany. The object was to assess the working ability of the German shepherd, the herding dog..


At vom Vast Klippa we offer a full training and importing service. Real training for Sport, K-9 or Personal Protection Family Dogs.


My Commitment
I only breed Working Line German Shepherd dogs that are working-titled, healthy dogs with hip & elbow ratings. Dogs that have proven their genetic strength and ability to work under stress in training, on the trial field, or on the street. I do not just use the scorebook as a determining factor as to the dog’s worthiness to reproduce. I produce a litter only when we believe that the breeding will produce the dog’s inherited natural working drives, hardness, and temperament to compete in Sport as a K9 Partner, or as a lifelong guardian and member of your family.

Below you will find two quotes by Gunther Diegel, Director of Schutzhund Judges for the Verein für Deutsche Schaferhund (SV) in Germany.

The first quote is Mr. Diegel’s comments on working a genetically weak dog. The second quote is a reminder of what Schutzhund should be. I have added both of these quotes because of my complete agreement with both statements.

 When this dog finds himself under stress, as all dogs do at times, he reaches back to his ancestry to get help or relief from the stress. But, as you can see, when this dog reaches back for help from his ancestors...there is nobody there."

The reminder here is that the origin of Schutzhund and the rules under which we "compete" were developed to "test" the dog’s temperament (courage and hardness NOT "play prey" or "ball" drive) for breed suitability - not for a sport. We cannot lose sight of the fact that Schutzhund is a BREED SUITABILITY test or we do a disservice to the German Shepherd dog. Conscientious breeders should train and test their bloodlines...not simple be in the "puppy business".